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Trigger Time LLC’s Mission is Simple:  Provide the BEST defensive pistol and CCW training available in the Mansfield Ohio area at a fair price for our students.

Why is Trigger Time LLC the BEST?  Why are we different than other programs?

Trigger Time LLC focuses on techniques that apply to real world civilian or law enforcement patrol officer defensive shootings.  Others in the area teach target shooting courses that do not apply to defensive shooting. Others teach techniques that apply to well choreographed tactical teams.  Unfortunately unless you are on a tactical team these techniques do not apply.  We train for the most probable use of force incident (approximately 90+% of incidents).  We study defensive shootings to see how people react regardless of how they trained to see what techniques are valid and what are not.  We pride ourselves on being a very comprehensive course that an Intro student can be extremely successful in but even the most advanced shooter will learn from.

Trigger Time’s courses are written to highest standards in the firearms industry by our lead instructor who is a published writer on topics of self-defense with firearms including being a contributing writer to The Personal Defense Network and The Arms Guide. All instructors are NRA Certified with many years of firearms experience.

Mansfield Ohio CCW

Since Ohio Concealed Handgun Licenses (commonly referred to as “Ohio CCW”) have been available thousands of people have taken on the responsibility of carrying a handgun to help protect themselves in a self-defense situation.  Too often instructors and students just go through the motions of a class based on target shooting principals that will not help  you to protect yourself or protect your family from an attack.  Many other instructors teach techniques and tactics that apply to tactical teams and not the average civilian self-defense scenario.

Mansfield Ohio CCW

Our Courses

CCW Class Room Instruction

Trigger Time LLC offers courses focusing on defensive shooting and teaches techniques that apply to the most probable civilian or law enforcement patrol officer deadly force incident. We believe strongly that learning beyond simply how to use a pistol in target shooting/marksmanship is important for you to prevail in a worst case scenario. We teach based on research and study of countless shootings and how humans react when confronted with a violent attack.
The vast majority of these incidents are surprising and unexpected. We teach students using drills where the student may or may not have to shoot. We work on interpreting the stimulus and using intuitive sighted and unsighted fire

Trigger Time currently offers 3 levels of Defensive Pistol including an Intro to Defensive Pistol which exceeds the requirements for Ohio’s Concealed Handgun License (commonly referred to as CCW). This course is scheduled for 10 hours (can go over if necessary) and gives you a great foundation to begin your defensive pistol training and gives students a vast amount of knowledge and confidence with their handgun.

Trigger Time’s Defensive Handgun 1 Course is a half day all range course that focuses on the fundamentals of Intuitive Sighted Fire and pistol handling.

Trigger Time’s Defensive Handgun 2 course is an all-day range course that builds from the fundamentals into holster work and more counter ambush techniques.  By the end of this intense one day course students have a solid understanding of how to operate their pistols in a defensive manner.

Don’t have time for a full class or just want to learn the basics? Trigger Time offers a first shots pistol course where we cover basic safety then go to the range to learn some basic techniques. This course is approximately 3 hours long and requires a group of 3 or more.

Want to learn better presentation from holster? Better recoil management? Want to learn target shooting fundamentals? We can even offer private instruction tailored to you! We offer private instruction for $35 for the first hour and $25 for each additional hour. This has worked great for students who wanted more 1 on 1 time after taking the intro course to fine tune their skills.

Trigger Time On YouTube!

We are proud to announce the creation of our YouTube page. We will consistently adding new videos, teaching some basic gun lessons. Please subscribe to us on YouTube by clicking the link to the right and then selecting subscribe. Check back for additional videos.